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gHowl - Interoperability Components for Grasshopper... looking for Beta Testers

Hello people!
gHowl is a set of components co - authored by Giulio Piacentino, Damien Alomar, and myself.  We have been working on it over the past few months.  Currently it includes components for receiving and sending UDP packets as well as reading and writing spreadsheet documents in various formats.  We are looking for some beta testers to be the guinea pigs in this experiment.  We are particularly interested in people who are actively using these protocols in practice.  Please send an email to gHowlcomponents [at] gmail [dot] com introducing yourself and the work you intend to do with gHowl.  We are looking for 10 or so people to test this over the next few weeks.


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i just send you an email

Hello Luis,

I read gHowl has been connected to Processing and question is: can it be somehow connected to a C++ plug-in? I have written a plug-in that allows the user to input weather conditions and his position...could I then directly and dynamically read this information from the plug-in? Or should I export the info to an excel file and then read it from there?

Many thanks,


Hello Anabela,

I suppose this could technically happen, but I would need to know more in order to tell you if it is the most appropriate technique.  Exporting the excel file would also work.  To make it happen 'dynamically' your c++ app would need to send the data via UDP...which would be very useful if you are communicating to other devices.  If you are just communicating to the same machine, this would also work.  Depending on the amount of information you need to send, you might want to consider other techniques.  If it is a lot of data, perhaps saving a file would be a better idea.  By the way, you can find us on the gHowl group.



Thank you for your reply! i still need to categorise the data that needs to be sent back and order to be able to ask more concrete questions :) i will also look into the udp possibility.

Thanks again!






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