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Hi all,

I have some question of my current project of the sphere packing issue.

Does anyone know how to increase the count of the point of pop3D & incorporate different size of sphere into the script? Thanks





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no one know?

a few notes:

1. You can vary the number of cells easily with your slider, where you say you want to increase the's that easy.

2. for kangaroo, you don't need to use the timer/simulation reset inputs anymore (you can, and they work, of course)'s easier to just double-click on the kangaroo component and use the start/stop/pause interface that pops up.

3. For variable radii in your spheres, your're going to need to do some tricky list management or write a script...or you can join the "milkbox" group here on the forum and download the "tree sloth" component group, which has a "list compare" component ( This exact issue was one thing I had in mind when I made this particular component.

See the notation in the attached image to see how it all works:


This looks really intriguing. I have been trying to figure out how to create an array of various sized connected spheres over a complex shape and to control the density in various areas (eg: 2-3 spheres thick in some and one in others). Can you recommend the best route to take for that? Note: the spheres have to have multiple connection points or slightly compressed since I plan to out put it for a 3D print.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

China Blue

David: Any suggestions on the best approach to the question of June 1?


China Blue

Thank you so much for this!

What about displacing the spheres along a curve or different shape packing ?








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