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Hi all,

ok i don't know if my brain has gone into complete lockdown state or whats wrong with my, but i haven't got the faintest idea of how to create a geodesic dome in rhino and bring it into grasshopper or create it from scratch in grasshopper.

I need a sphere with points divided equally over its surface. Until now i've used a parametrization of the sphere but it just dawned on me that the points aren't equally distributed on the surface..

I'm leaning towards creating it in 3dsmax and exporting the vertices of it, and importing them in Grasshopper, but then i have no way of adjusting the number of points on the surface.

What to do? :)

Kind regards


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I'm quoting from the little book 'Geodesic domes' by Borin van Loon:
"Any dome which is to be symmetrical must be developed from at least one of the platonic solids. [...] The method of truncation offers a second strategy but it is the third method which is the most useful of all. This is the method of subdivision or breakdown. The roundness of a shape can be improved by dividing the edges into shorter lengths and raising more points to the surface of the sphere."
I hope this can give you some clues. Regards. /Mårten
Sounded fun, so I had a quick play:

Looking at it now, I realise you could probably get less variation in edge length by subdividing after projection, but its a start
Btw, how can you be certain that the triangles will meet up. I don't know if im making my question clear :) but how do you make sure that when the triangles are rotated round the sphere, that they will meet?

Some more info here.
hello Daniel, the file link are not working, and maybe you can share it with "dropbox". provide a quite good space for file share or even as picture and website server :)

haha ryan,

did you end up getting this to work? can u share it?

i've been trying to built a geodesic dome, i know all the theory, but i'm new to grasshopper.
so i'm trying to open this file you shared, but i can't open it. (should be the version i'm running) could you maybe post some screenshots of the definition, where i could just read the stuff?

In your files, I see you started with the triangular sphere already drawn in rhino, is there a way to NOT to start in rhino and everything is built from grasshopper? 

It seems like your geodesic dome was already built and the grasshopper is only to increase your intervals in each individual triangle. But what if I want to say just change the actual size of the dome or each triangle?


Dan, quite nice!
Thanks for the answers both Mårten an Daniel.

Daniel, thats a great result. As luis said quite nice!!

Hi Guys,

Would you know any Free-Form geodesic structures ?
I have been looking at the "shortpath" command on rhino and tried what you see on the image but do you know any built example ?






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