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Generating quad mesh from surfaces and joining mesh at nodes/vertices

Hi guys!

I was trying to generate quad meshes in GH and then exporting it to GSA for finite analysis. The issues I'm facing currently are:

1. Instead of allowing GH to 'auto' mesh (quads and triangles) could I force it to generate quad meshes only and also controlling the density of the number of quads?

2. If I have different meshes joining together, is there any way in GH to generate the meshes where the nodes/vertices would be aligned?

From the attachments, you can see that I've generated a mesh for a spiral staircase but can't control the type and size of the mesh. Also, the alignment of the nodes/vertices of the meshes don't match thus making it hard for me to run the FE analysis in GSA.



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I'm not sure this could be a decent mesh for your FE analysis, anyway here we have one solution and you can check if you want.

BTW, beware, there are some manifold edges where the steps meet central post, since the steps have no thickness.(Mesh edit plug-in needed.)


Hi Hyungsoo,

I've just went through your GH files and I now understood how you modeled the mesh. Imported it to GSA and it worked perfectly.

Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Kind regards,


Hyungsoo Kim method is good but does not give the good mesh aspect ratio (a/b), for FE analysis your meshes should be as much square as possible.

Alternatively you can use the "Mesh Brep" component from Karamba.

Check the attached image.






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