algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Is there a way to filter out a data set of XYZ values for points based on one or more of the those XYZ values? EG:


Taking a list like that then filtering it so I only receive values back where Y = 0.0 is true or Z = 0.0?



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Using the Similarity component and an Or gate should give you the results you need to generate a culling pattern.

Thanks mate works well except I have the weirdest error.


Instead of 0, some values are 1.8370 e-15 and they refuse to be found using similarity no matter what tolerance is set.

Try adding an Fx component with "Format("{0:0.0####},{1:0.0####},{2:0.0####}",x.x, x.y, x.z)" in the F input

Unexpected symbol encountered?


Merging the point groups before this:

did you copy and paste the text? as it has to be precisely what I've put


Format("{0:0.0####},{1:0.0####},{2:0.0####}",x.x, x.y, x.z)

Its exactly the same and it doesn't want a bar of it. No idea why, I tried copying and pasting it a few times.

Hi Joshua,


can you post the file I need to replicate this error? There were some changes to the Expression parser in 0.8.0052 (are you using 0.8.0052?) so this might be a new bug.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I'm using 0.51 because I am using Karamba and GeomGym modules (dont want to upgrade until I know its all clear) The file is attached.


Thanks David.


How about this?


Best Regards









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