algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey Guys,

what is the fastest and easiest and more flexible way to make a model like the attached image?

thank you 5042b1836d9b3727a2f8f489a37db22a.jpg 

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No problem it was cool to discover that.

And now a version which is able to flatten the paper, draw the folds and the cut lines. The only difference now is the inability to differentiates the fold (but it is doable). But the logic of fold must be simple, one time up one time down ... 

This version need TT toolbox for unfold

Sandbox for brep topology

It also uses Human for the lines but it is not mandatory. 

The only thing I must find is a good idea of pattern ! 

And publish your creation. It is always good to see what scripts become. 



Some other ways to make it with lines which are transformed in box.


Wow! This is amazing!!!
Laurent, you are not allowed to create any new grasshopper definitions, because I might get banned for spamming as a result of praising your work for the 10th time!!

thank you laurent you are very creative this one is interesting but hard to manipulate, maybe file is heavy ?  

For the manipulation you have to choose the method slow complete or fast. Did you Choose fast?

yes, thank you

You are on fire!  Have you checked if your head, is venting smoke!  :) ....... Laurent this is Incredible!






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