algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey Guys,

what is the fastest and easiest and more flexible way to make a model like the attached image?

thank you 5042b1836d9b3727a2f8f489a37db22a.jpg 

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I think your questions is not very clear, you want 3d with blocks, the foldable paper or a way to design the cuts in order to print it on paper and then cut and fold ? 

3d blocks are surely simple

something foldable surely not so easy :-( but interesting :-)

It is always also good to give sources, adresses ...

Kirigami Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

But thanks for making me discovering this technique. Very beautiful.

I just want to make the blocks for now and indeed this is just starting point, and I am going to make changes, but at first I want to make something similar,

thank you Laurent!

Here is a fast answer, I spend sometimes thinking and less than 1 hour scripting. So it wasn't too difficult. 

It is a bit long, the component to join faces on Brep, I will put a toggle to go faster and when happy with the result it will be possible to select the complete solution. 


Unable to open your GH file.  I get this message and when I close it, Rhino crashes with an offer to send an error report to McNeel:

Message log start (chronological):

Plugin version: 0.9.0076

Archive file written with newer version: 1.0.0004

Grasshopper files are not necessarily forwards compatible and this file might not deserialize correctly

Object list read

Rhino Version 5 SR12 64-bit

GH Version 0.9.0076

Thank you Laurent, but sounds something is wrong with the file and not able to open :(

It is always also good to give sources, adresses ...
Kirigami Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

Very interesting.  The folding technique is an important clue about dimensional constraints.

Not that I have any intentions of writing GH for this project.  ;)

P.S.  More clues:


thank you Joseph, I dont think also algorithm is the answer just a clue to do modeling. 

thank you Joseph, interesting link!

Surely a rhino 6 WIP ... problems with rhino 5 !!!! I will look at that in few hours

Here a version for "old" Grasshopper and Rhino 5. It uses a surface/brep in order to generate the "blocks" but now I think the best is to generate the bloks with some patterns controled with GH so at the end it will be fare more beautiful and controllable. As said a version with speed control. There is a fast way and a complet slow. 


thank you very much Laurent!






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