algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm new to is difficult to study grasshopper alone...


Question :

Like image

In this situation... i can't use Planar surface command...

so...i thought...

First, get a outline from crossing lines..

How can I get a out line from  1) point that inside lines

                                         2) pick alll lines me...:)


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Hi Noah, here is a way:
Oh, the lines have to be ordered in a circular way for this to work...

Oh...I see...

Thx Pieter Segeren~:D

I'm trying to another way; by picking point




like AutoCAD command 'boundary'


I got the question, it's just that I can't come up with a way (yet) to create this boundary.
I've got 1 silly solution, but it's not very predictable, you'll have to search for the right surface with this (unless they are sorted in the circular way, then it's item 0). Since I don't know exactly what you are making, and how you're making it, it might be good enough, you decide:)

sorry...i could't explain my purpose...

But, in your grasshopper file

when i choose item 4 i got what i wanted.

anyway thank you~~~D)


Actually i want to make planar surface when i pick point that inside lines.

I think everyone knows Autodesk AutoCAD command 'Boundary'

Same function by Grasshopper... is it possible? plz...


How would you pick in Grasshopper?


In Rhino, this command is called CurveBoolean, but there's no Grasshopper equivalent yet.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Is curve boolean something that's on the radar by chance?  it would be so nice to have it.



Some it possible in Grasshopper another version~?^^


I am wondering how to trim lines where two more are intersecting each other so I can laser cut this design ...

You could do something with the New IsoVist component, but it only works if the point you choose can see all the lines.


it is most closest way i thought...^^

But  have to choose point that seen all the line...

thanks Danne Boyes~







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