algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Ok its been 2 days and after some sleepless nights I beileve I am getting very close to creating the gum model in my earlier post

Because I am using the 2d rectangle grid I am getting the weird rectangular voids which I would much rather see as a dense surface because it is the ground plane of the site.. I attempted to use mesh plane instead however it was total crap I assume if I were to use the mesh plane I would need t create some sort of cull pattern to create the elastic voids.. Below is the  definition it stared form Michael Pryors Grid pinching tutorial... any advice would be great,

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cool stuff. very interesting weaving pattern

Hi there,

is there any possible for you to share the definition of GH file? That will be great help.


Could someone tell me what the component is that comes after Replace? Also why does this cherry picker look different to mine?






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