algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear friends please help advice how to simulate the Dome?

Thank you all!

Godspeed you!

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Hello they are many ways to do that, it depends also if you want full parametric ... here some hints : 

* you could use bezier span curves it generates a surface. 

* You could use phyllomachine, it is like a pineappple, so I think you will get mesh.

* I think the simpliest way is to tile a revolution shape. You could use box morh. Example here with a Truchet pattern,, you will not need to make a random position of the tile. The biggest work is to make a tile. There is also the possibility to use  panelling tool. I will post an example.

Here is a possibility, using quad mesh, of the dome, box morph and mesh tile.


Many thanks Laurent Delrieu ! God bless you!  Thank you for your hard work and time that you

spent my. 

One question: How to make the tiles at the bottom of the big top, they are small. How dome pictures. Thank you!

Godspeed you!

In 3dm file you will find a surface
You have to transform it in mesh and you choose with rhino mesher the size of the tiles

If you want more control on size the mesh could be build in GH using the profile curve so it will be possible to have better square quads and to tune easily the number of tiles.

Many thanks Laurent Delrieu ! Godspeed you!






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