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Is there a way to "automatically" disable/enable components with f.ex. true/false values?

F.ex. when an area of a rectangle is <50, then return "True" that would disable "divide curve" component. Something like this exists in Ladybug/Honeybee components - as "run?" input.

Thank you for your time and help

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Perimeter length (qty or sum) is a quicker property than 'Area' for this, though either can be used to 'Dispatch' or otherwise cull/avoid results that exceed parameters - like minimum hole size (radius), for example.

Disable components?  No.  Use only "valid results"?  Yes.

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your reply. This method works but might be quite problematic if i wanted a bigger part of definition or a cluster to be excluded. I found out that 'Metahopper' can do exactly what i meant. To those wondering here is a link (around 8:00): Metahopper video

Another thing I like to do in this case is connect the boolean result (e.g. area of rect > 50) to the stream filter component, and then connect whatever data is going into the next component (divide curve like you mentioned) into the "0" input of the stream filter. So in your case nothing would be passed to the divide curve component unless the area of the rect is < 50. It doesn't disable the component, but it doesn't do anything.

and another suggestion would be to make use of the data dam component, this way you can control which parts of your definition recalculate upon changes. 






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