algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

I m trying to do differential growing curves and couldn't come up with any ideas  to get started.Any strategies will be helpful .


                                                                                             Thank u 

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Yes, you can add additional forces.

We actually tried to extrude this over a double curved support (as shown above) the problem with the vertical straight lines is that if the nozzle doesn't rotate it will clip the material that is extruding. I added an additional force that spirals around the shape while growing to keep the segments more horizontal.

The brainy curve extruded in clay by Bartlett students from the AD program:

Hi Vicente,

i was looking to find more info on this particular image/project. Nevertheless i wasn't able to find anything besides this image. Would you happen to be able to point me to the right direction - a link or something to some post about it?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Tudor,

This is Clayfab - by WonderLab.
Unfortunately, it seems there is no much information about the entire project, perhaps in AD as mentioned by Vicente.


First of all, very interesting conversation and results are looking pretty good and thanks for sharing this work. I was playing with the definition” linegrowthgradual” and I wanted to change the radius of spheres for the sphere collision. When I assign different radii for different points and lines lengths, it seems that kangaroo solver just take one in account (the bigger).  On the image, we can see it work for half of the points.

Is it my data structure that is not good (how deals kangaroo solver with trees)? Or is it my logic to assign different radii? or the problem is more complex that just assign different length?




Try two SphereCollide inputs to Kangaroo?

Hi Xavier,

As Nik points out, this sphere-collide component is currently specific to sets of equal radius spheres (as this allows some easy simplification of the collision detection). I do have something working now for accelerated collisions between varying radii spheres, and plan to release this soon.

Ok nice, thanks for both of your answers!

Hey Daniel, Any news on this varying radii sphere collision?

Fun stuff.

I have spent the past 3 hours trying to find a video that I watched about 2 months ago. The video was someone who was inspired by this topic and created a self growing mesh that creates a form around a human hand. I remember that the video was on Youtube showing both Rhino and Grasshopper next to each other. Anyone can help find the video ? I would so appreciate it.






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