algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi there,

i would like to simulate the building process of a shell geometry.

it should be made out of bended tube elements

first layer horizontaly

second layer nearly perpendicular to first one

to have a better picture one can also imagine a pottery object made out of clay splines

the splines are layerd on top of each other.

then perp to that there are added another layer (blue in screenshot)

i would like to analyze that in karamba but i need a better spaced out mesh.

the mesh i did was made with meshtosurface comp but the edges are not layoutet as one would actually place the elements when building a structure like this.

- so how can i set up a model with the guide curves (fasr rigth in screenshot)

- deform it in z direction like in the screenshot

- and get a "good" mesh

thank you very much

3dm is included

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anyone ? .-D






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