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I have a very simple definition. See attached. The point is simply to get panels I've modeled in Rhino into Revit as adaptive components. I'm using Chameleon for that, but the trouble happens with the Deconstruct BREP component. As you can see from the image, the vertex points are not ordered around the perimeter. This is a trimmed surface, so I guess that could be the source of the problem.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix this? I've highlighted only one surface, but I'd like to do all the panels at once (sorting them into 3-, 4-, and 5-point surfaces first).

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Use discontinuity instead. It usually works better for trimmed surfaces as I believe it traces around the surface where as deconstruct remembers the original order first then adds the new points from the cut to the end. 

Works like a charm! Thanks.

You can use the [Sort Along Curve] Component.

Hi Damon, Michael and Danny,

I have a similar problem but I would like the explode brep to generate edges in the same direction for multiple surfaces. It seems to do it in different orders for different surfaces (Even though all of them are similar simple 4 point surfaces) Is there a way to make a brep explode edges in the same clockwise direction. I am trying to make a curved staircase and want to run my definition on all treads. Please see the attached image. Your Help will be much appreciated.

Thank you. 







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