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I think it is easy,but I don't know how.

How can I change the structure of the data tree to get 57 branches with 14 items in each of them?

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that would make 798 curves right?

what about the rest 72 curves?

or maybe i haven't understood your question

Sorry for the unclear question!


I mean 58 branches and 15 items each, now there are two many sub branches.

no need to apologize. this could be a situation too.  David suggested the best way with path mapper.

my suggestion would be as the image.




By "Flatten", can you still keep the original structure of the tree?

I didn't try but I doubt that the new data tree has different items in different branches.

please check image.


That is amazing!

Thank you so much!

I guess that would be really useful for other green hands! 

i just realized how to insert pictures in posts.

You can use a path mapper with the mapping:

{A;B;C;D;E} -> {A;B;C;D}

You could even remove C and D as well as they are always zero. But you could also use the Simplify option to get rid of those indices.


David Rutten

Thanks a lot!David!

That is what I want!

you also can use the shift paths component.

Or the trim tree component, a newer component that apparently does the same thing.

It has a better description and icon of what it does than shift paths, but doesn't allow wrapping (to trim the start rather than end). Neither component allows proper flattening when not all paths start with the same number.


Could you please leave an image of how to do this here?

shift paths and trim tree are the components I have never used before!






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