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I had used this sweet plugin for a project about a year ago and it worked like a charm. Now I am trying to use it  again and whenever I crop the files, everything seems great until I open the meerkat file and everything is stretched horizontally, perhaps as if it is projecting with latitude=longitude. I tried reinstalling meerkat, makign sure everything was unblocked, all the usual fixes. My GIS librarian doesn't think there's anything wrong with the .prj files either. I'm totally stumped.

Here is a link to the GIS package...

Any help would be much appreciated!



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I just recently used Meerkat on the Berlin Shape files without any problem. Just tracing the "Geometry per shape" points was fine.

My Meerkat files are from may 2014.

Ja mine is still doing it. When I link the meerkat file, all the geometry is cropped correctly, but the points and bounding box are still stretched horizontally.

Which version of meerkat are you using? How recent are your GIS files?

Thanks for the help!


I assume, my Meerkat is the latest from Food4Rhino. As I wrote, the download date is may 2014.

My database seems to be from a different source though. The official database from the berlin city council is a little more specific is separating different road an building types. You can download it for free from

Your file is still downloading, so I can't tell if it's meerkat or the database.






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