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Creation of a Line in Grasshopper from a specific Excel cell

I'm a new user to Grasshopper currently in an Architecture Undergrad Program.

I am using an Excel file as a spreadsheet for data about the various building type that I need.  am wanting to know if it is possible to import data of a single cell then turn that into a line.

1) Is it possible to select a single cell in Excel and Import it to Grasshopper through the File Path or Read File function?

2) Can the value of the cell, say A2 = 45, be turned into the dimension of a line instead of a component of a point, or as the length of a vector?

3) Last would be if it is possible, could use the cells, A2 = 45; A4 = 20; A6 = 53, as the length, width and height dimensions, using the Geometry tool?

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1) Yes, you may need extra components to read the excel file, such as TT Toolbox or Lunchbox

2) Yes, you need a starting point and a direction vector. The component is called LineSDL

3) Yes, you may need extra information for placement. One possible Component is CenterBox.






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