algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I enjoy the style of low-res polygons like this elephant for example. I was wondering if there was a way to turn, for example, a sphere/cube/cat/dog/house into a low-res version of itself. Like if this elephant used to be smooth elephant. Perhaps it would be a mesh conversion? It's basically the 3D modeling version of pixelating in photoshop.

Also this tree: Let me know if you can help! Thank you.

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I have invalid mesh at the end of the definition and i can't bake it. Do you have the same? How can i repair it? 


Hello Eric

Could you possibly please let me know what is that last component/?

Hello Eric

Please ignore my post, I have found it.

For anyone in the future: the last component is from

Hey Michael,  

Would you be willing to upload that file?  I'm having a hard time recreating it.


extremely interesting! It should be possible implement colors and then make a pepakura like unfold.. Perhaps a challenge for the coffee + Grasshopper group? ;-D

I know this is late entering this discussion but I was hoping someone could let me know where to start or if this was possible with grasshopper. I plan to subdivided the triangulated surface using Daniel's method and definition, but I plan take those surfaces and dived the solid into smaller 3-d dimensional triangles that would assemble to make the object. the picture below is an example but it is not triangulated.








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