algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I enjoy the style of low-res polygons like this elephant for example. I was wondering if there was a way to turn, for example, a sphere/cube/cat/dog/house into a low-res version of itself. Like if this elephant used to be smooth elephant. Perhaps it would be a mesh conversion? It's basically the 3D modeling version of pixelating in photoshop.

Also this tree: Let me know if you can help! Thank you.

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Yes there is. Just use a meshing program some of which are free and specify the minimum edge size that you want to use.

Thanks WT4, do you mean a program like autodesk's meshmixer? Would you have any other suggestions?

Interesting, I was looking at the same problem last week but couldn't figure out how to do it in Rhino.

(all images below made by others)

I wonder if some of these are drawn by hand though in a program like illustrator

Yes exactly that! I'm sure a lot of them are drawn in illustrator. At least the ones you posted. I agree, really interesting! however I've seen low-res trees like the ones I posted up for 3D download for modeling software like 3dsmax and rhino. I was thinking it would be a sort of mesh editor, much like weaverbird or something... 

What about R5's "reduce mesh" command.

And you can also use the meshMachine component of Kangaroo.

thanks daniel! the first image gave a satisfactory result. where did you get that second image? I'd like to see if I could get a better image of the definition used.

The cluster containing the def. of the first image.

The SuperBBox cluster is only a boundingBox scaling with factor 1.2.
I use anemone to homogenize the distance between the points.

great, thanks! so a few more questions: where did you get the 'lowpolymesh' component?

also I've constructed all I can without the 'lowpolymesh' but i've come across an error. any reason as to why the voronoi is failing?

The LowPolyMesh containing the def. of the first picture above, and I did.
It is possible that Voronoi3d fail for many reasons: points duplicates, insufficiently large box, or receive any null elements...
If you want to attach your ghFile to take a look.

Hi Daniel,

sorry, I'm really not following your definition, can you share it with me? Thanks alot!

hello, what kind of plugin, i need for make this¡?





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