algorithmic modeling for Rhino


first I want to explain my question. I have an digital image, which I want a pattern of it by creating lines in a specific rectangular. 

The dimension of the image and the regtangular is 3:4. 

The boundary of each  side is divided by several points. So the endpoints of the lines which should create the pattern shell cross these points.

In the attachment there is an example of what I want to create.

It would be great if anybody can help me


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excellent work!!

Could you send us the grasshopper definition please? I did not find where to download it in the posts


Can you share the C#? thanks

I suppressed the definition. There are many programs that do the same on the internet !

Hello, did you find what you were looking for? could you share? I beg)


Thanks for the answer) Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem .... I need to make such a definition in Grasshopper in order to convert it into color in the future. Now my main problem is to convert lines from Grasshopper to a bitmap and mesh to compare the values of the lines with the image and remove excess lines. I want to try comparing them and maybe use the Galapagos later ..
I managed to convert the polyline to a bitmap using a component from David, but I could not make it a mesh...

Can you help me somehow?







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