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Hello all.  I'm fairly new to Grasshopper.  

This may be an easy one, but is there a way to create a "gate" that allows date (in this case a integer value) to pass through if another value is "true" but restricts the data is another value is "false".

I'm ultimately using this to control a minimum unknown "tolerance" value.  I can manually increase the value of a digit counter until a panel reads "false" but that seems rather clunky.  It would be nice to just use a slider and have the data (integer value) stop increasing once the a "false" is achieved.


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Thanks so much. I'll play around with it in the morning.

That did it.  Thanks so much Chris.  Hoopsnake is the jam.  I could see that coming in handy for a lot of things.

Not sure I understand the question. This is the smallest footprint data switch I could come up with. I use it to switch color schemes on legends for instance.) You could automate this by replacing the boolean toggle with if/then testing one portion of your would then generate a True or False and would toggle this switch.

Hi Robert, just curious: why are you inverting the boolean value?
Notice that GH will automatically convert True to 1 and False to 0 here.


That's a good point. I think I might have had this embedded in a cluster and needed a pass through for the purposes of labeling?

Hello guys,

just wanted to point out that this is an old and "solved" post..... :|

cheers, Nikos

OK Nikos,

I was looking for the simplest component to do something, ran across this and figured better late than never if one could improve an idea.

Sorry if I sounded judgmental, I just pointed this out in case you had arrived here from an external link and hadn't noticed the date.







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