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Hello Everyone,

For a construction site I need to create around 200 pages 2d shopdrawings of some parametric steel details.

So I was wondering if there is a way to create multiple rhino page layouts in grasshopper / rhinoscript with a defined distance, size and scale so I can export them to pdf in one go?

Any ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks!

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Hi Clemens,

We have to do this job so often, so we decided to make a proper plugin for rhino to do's not released officially yet but it works fine for what you want to do.

Here is a short demo:

I've attached the plugin here, so you can give it a try.

Best regards,

Florian Frank


Hi Florian,

That looks awesome. Great work!



fantastic automation!

Great, this will be very useful one day. Thanks!

is there any quickway to arrange viewports too?

Hi Firat,

can you please explain, what you mean by arrange viewports? You can now use FabTools to arrange Detail views on the Layouts. Is that what you want?

Yeah exactly.

For example, I can prepare some reference objects in modelspace
In layout space - the viewports can capture that referance objects with desired scale and size and location. etc....

Here is an example, of how to automate Layouts and detail views with GH / FabTools. If you install FabTools LayoutManager will be installed automatically, as well as "RhinoCount", which is useful for numbering / naming objects in Rhino. The object names can be read with FabTools into GH.

You don't need to install FabTools to get the attached script to work. Just open the 3dm file and then the gh file and it'll work.

However the example shows a simple setup, if you generate objects in GH. It would work the same with objects drawn in Rhino, but it will be a little more work, to obtain the target points for the detail views.

Take a look at the "NamedViews" in the attached 3dm File!

I hope this helps...




Looks like what i need.
I will try and feed back in the first chance.
Thanks for giving time - highly appreciated!

Quite useful, but i need some minor enhancement.

Once i bake step 2, Grasshopper is not working smoothly. I cant bake step 3. I am saving the document and reopenning (Grasshopper is not working smoothly any more) - But it is fine.

However, what should i do for the parts with different drill holes on different locations. Especially different quantity of drill holes on each part. Any suggestion?

I tried to add some reference objects to the drill locations. But i think there was some thing I cannot figure out.

Can you help me 


That is brilliant Florian, i look forward to using it!






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