algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i am trying to loft between two list of data consisting of circles, but m unable to do so.grasshoper lofts between all teh circles in the list
read a previous discussion here regarding a similar problem but couldnt get to solve mine.
i hv attached a jpg and the ghx definition of the same
this is the first time i m posting on this forum, hope i have expained myself correctly

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Maybe this thread from the old forum will help:

In this example I loft between three lists:

i m trying to split the list also tried merging the data but without much success...will look in to the above tread again in detail.
thanx vicente

hey vicente
i did manage to get my loft in place by adding a graft component, was using an older build of gh so wasnt able to locate it in the first place
thnx samir
Hey Samir-

Any chance of uploading your successful execution of this? I've attached a means to do it using VB.NET...(I'm guessing that your circles rely on point inputs attached to the two "Dist" nodes...I've added them, anyway). I'd love to see another way to do it as well...maybe what I've attached can help you in some way as well.

hey david

the solution was quite simple actually i just added a graft component to the to list of data then send it to loft
here is my defination
sorry forgot to attach the file
here goes
Thanks! My studio last semester had me working in GC, so I haven't really been able to play with data tree stuff in GH yet. Nice and simple!






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