algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello guys anyone can tell me how I can get a result similar to the picture attached?
I can make five copies at a fixed distance but not to rotate at an angle chosen individually.
I would like to make 5 copies of a square, but each copy rotated according to a desired angle

Help me please!





Sorry for my bad english!

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Hello daniel,

take the five copies you have, graft them and rotate them with - for example - a grafted series of numbers = your desired angles => each of the copies will rotate with one of the angles.
Thanks a lot, now a try this!
so made two quick setups. Hope it s clearer now

Thank a lot you are great1 now i have to study!!

Grasshopper is very difficulty for me! :D

I have big problems!
i start to work at definition you give me.
  • I made 35 copies of result and i scaling the last 5 series, every closed curve in accordance with its center.

  • I inserted a rectangular closed curve that is supposed to go to create a flat surface together with the other closed curves present in the same plane.
I don't know how can create this surface!!
added some comments inside and adjusted the definition partially. have a look.
thank you thank you thank you very much!
Why I can not alone?
How do I learn as much as you?

Hi Asaf,


from some reason i cant convert and use your ghx files,

When you say you can't convert them are you using an old version (Files written in 0.8.0004) or are you getting XML style pages when you download? If its the later right click on the link and save as, this should allow you to download them properly.


For what its worth, here as requested. Tudor's last file:








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