algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, my first step is : I made the random points due to minimum distance (snapshot1) , and next step I want to connect lines between them like on the snapshot2 but I can not, it makes the "interleaving tangle" grid that I dont want ,

how can I do to have the result on the snapshot2 ? Thanks a lot for help!

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WARNING!  C# component in this GH code for no obvious reason.  You don't need C# to create the pattern in your images.

And your 'Crv' param is not initialized.

hi, the reason is just learning c# :) i know that is easy way to do it with gh existed components.

Hey I know this is 2 years old now, but How'd you do that with GH components only?

I don't think anyone bothered to try with GH components only.  Internally, the badly broken C# component appears to completely ignore the 'Min', 'Max' and 'N' sliders.  There is no guarantee that opposite sides of the trapezoid have the same number of points! The only tricky bit there is 'minDistance' which might require some iteration (Anemone loop) to implement.

But the OP's primary question wasn't answered here at all: how to cross-connect the resulting points so adjacent lines don't cross?  Generating the points is a different problem from sorting and connecting them.

Thank you for your reply. I dont know anything about C# to be honest. I just saw that discussion and I need to do the exact same thing and hoped that someone would know how to do it :)

"the exact same thing"?  Random intervals with 'minDistance' between points?  Break it down into two separate problems and solve each one independently.

Normally, I try to avoid 'BANG!' (Explode Tree) but am lazy today.  This ignores 'minDistance' between points:







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