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I am finding when I use 'evaluate curve' with a reparameterized curve, the domain of an attached slider for the t input is forced to a range of 1.0.  I want to limit the slider to a range from 0.2 to 0.8 but the slider will not allow me to do so.  If I set the minimum to 0.2 the maximum automatically sets to 1.2.  Or if I set the maximum to 0.8 the minimum automatically sets to -0.2.  Seems strange for the slider to be receiving domain info from a down stream component.  Is this intended?  Is there a work around? See attached file.

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Hi Stan,
there's indeed something funky with the slider range. If you create a slider by typing 0.2<0.8 it will work, strange thing is, if you edit this slider it shows min:0.2 max: 1.2 and range 1.0. I'd think it's a bug.

Great, thanks for taking a look Pieter.






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