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My complements to this forum. When I posted my first post, while I am new to Grasshopper, I was surprised how much the members help each other. As far as I can over see this: more then on other forums.

It's nice to see how much people are picking up posted problem files and helping to build along to solve the problem.  This is maybe as important as the functionality of GH itself. It means that you not only have acces to the functionality, but also the knowledge how to build. 

For me, very, very wearthfull!



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if you follow the guidelines on how to get help on this forum then you often get a good response! Ignore the guidelines and you also get a lecture in how to use the forum!

Thank you for your helpfull answer. You are right and it is as it should be.

Absolutely agree. The level of help offered here is incredible!

All the more reason I think that the Grasshopper website needs some improvement. Ning is just kind of out of date looking and while it works fine also has a lot of limitations and features that are not necessary. Something like the hosted Vanilla Forums are great - but yeah, its a lot of work and rather expensive. But as I have said before - the attention to detail, good design and usability that is put into Grasshopper by David Rutten needs to show on the Website as well - and right now it just doesn't look the part!

I am glad that my post is also leading to something useful.

I totally agree (as a newcomer of course): the astonishing sophistication of grashopper does not reflect itself in the look and feel of the website of grasshopper. At moment it does, I am convinced it will not only boost revenu, it will also boost the community and the sharing of knowledge, which will lead to more, better and nicer end-results. Yeah well, this is originally my branch of specialisation. 

It would be really beautiful, if it would also enrich the exceptional forum-culture. As a dutch saying says: Win Win Win :-)

Absolutely! Funny, because apart from parametric design I am also a freelance UX consultant and web designer :)

In my opinion shows how a modern, clean and professional website should look and function.

In my opinion the resources on this website are quite hidden and illogical - you can tell that it has grown tremendously and that lots of things were "stuck on" later on. That's fine, its what happens. But after a while you need to just take a look at everything and distill it down to the simplest and most functional version, while also updating the look and feel to go with the times.

I am used to it by now and mainly use the grasshopper website for the forum, but putting myself into someones shoes who wants to find out about Grasshopper, I would think its a lot more amateur than it really is. Comparing it to Dynamo, I think I would have quite a distorted view of which is more powerful or modern. This doesnt need to be and I think a consolidated effort to bring a clear visual identity to Grasshopper and Rhino is just a matter of time. Because it doesnt just stop at the Grasshopper website. Its the same for Rhino and Food4Rhino, which apart from a questionable name, seem to be all completely separate websites, even though they should all be part of 1!

So realistically and most effectively, you would be looking at a complete redesign of the CI of Rhino and Grasshopper followed by consolidation and redesign of a unified website. This is quite a large task and even conservatively speaking is likely to carry at least a 5-6 figure price tag.

It will happen one day, no doubt - lets hope its soon!

I really hope that your wishes will be answered, because you are completely right.

When I openend the online reference page of grasshopper for the first time (, I can sincerely say that I have not been surprised like that in many years. What a endless lot of functionality, duh! You can scroll down, and scroll, scroll, scroll some more, scroll again, scroll further and scroll untill you weigh one ounce (also a dutch saying), it seemed to me like the functionality of grashopper simply doesn't end. Really? No way! But yes, actually... yes way!

Thats very true. Funnily enough, is NOT coming from McNeel, but was the effort of somebody here on the forum :)






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