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Hi everybody!

I'm losing my mind trying to adapt a big cluster.

It can handle 2 simple inputs: 1 point and 1 curve.

Now i would/should edit the cluster so it can handle as inputs 1 LIST of points and 1 LIST of curves.

Total outputs branches would be = numberofpoints x numberofcurves with the correct tree structure...

But doing this by graft, simplify, trim, repeat data, etc... is almost more difficult than creating the whole definition!

There is a faster way to tell GH something like "repeat the whole cluster for every combination of inputs"?

Did I explain this well?

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Hello Riccardo,

do you actually have the cluster, or do you want to create it from scratch? If you have it would you mind posting it here?

What does this cluster do? What is the output? Do you just want to cross-reference all the points with all the curves or to do something more inside the cluster?

Would the [cross-reference] component help?

Sorry, I can't really tell you much more since I don't understand what exactly you are asking...

Cheers, Nikos

Indeed I have the cluster, but I'd like to throw it in the forum when it's enough fixed...

I'll post it soon in a dedicated discussion...

It's a cluster to find tangent points with a given curve and a point.

It already work, but at least I want it to handle lists as input....

The trees must be corrected and fixed more and more step inside the cluster.

I was searching for a more generic solution.

Every cluster someone could make have to manually re-adapted then... (?)

I were thinking if is possible to tell GH to re-run the whole cluster as like as every "run" is instanced alone with only 1 curve and 1 point...

I wouldn't be surprised if this is not possible....

I think c# components already works like this, yes?

By setting only "item" as access...

Ok, so you have made a cluster which works for 1 point and 1 curve but has problems when you input a list of points and a list of curves, right?

the question is: what problems? Does it still output something or do you get an error?

Would something like this work? (either outside or first thing inside the cluster)


this issue could be extended in cases like tree to tree cross reference equivalent, right?

Here is the cluster (not yet a cluster):

my last comment attachment....

Hi Riccardo, I checked the components that had in-or outputs that were flattened or grafted (the main issue besides the cross reference) and fixed these parts.
To be honest I don't understand this logic (my head is spinning), but I like it a lot!! Please check if I got it right ~


The spinning head resulted in inaccurate reading... :/
Well, I hope I made a first step towards your goal ~

Thanks a lot!!

This cleared me many concepts!

I did some fixes to the cluster.

And you're right, now with an external cross reference component it can work completely as I intended.

(Btw... the logic inside is a collision between a rolled up derivative graph to a surface to determine tangent points, I'll make a direct discussion about this.)

Here again I attached the user object:

thanks again

:) I can't wait to read your blog post about the rolled up derivative graph!






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