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Hi Guys 

I was wondering if someone could show me how I could make this pattern in grasshopper? Im currently trying to create in in rhino using Torus's, thought it would be easier to do in grasshopper. 

Its pretty much the circle pattern (2nd image) that is scaled (3rd image) and then broken in certain places (1st image)

If anyone could help that would be great!!

Thank You! :)

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The 3D can look like the attached pic

3 - 90 degree arc's where each arc swings thru one xy,yz and zx plane :)

Hey Kim

Yes, there are plenty of nice 3D truchets-versions. I like the ones withs compinations of arcs and splines in honey-combs (something similar you can find on the link below).

Best Regards


Hi Kim, 

Would you be able to share your script?

The original script pictured above was done in Ruby the API associated with SketchUp. Not being a GH expert I came up with a similar GH version, which uses 3 internalized curves. (I mistakenly thought I could just pick each Rhino curve and internalize each ... yikes!)


Dackelchen! How are you? My 2 cents (faulty) contribution was from before the 3D question... I meant to ask: Ketsa, is the piping the third dimension you meant? I figured your response meant it was.

Thanks for asking, I am fine! And you? :-)
And I was (of course) just joking.

Peiter - Yes the piping was the 3rd dimension that I was referring too. Although the other 3D versions other people have shown are pretty interesting. 

I was wondering using the pattern that you made is there a way to select certain circles  to be bigger or scaled but still be attached to the rest of the pattern. 

Essentially I would like for the pattern to be able to be bigger in areas and smaller in areas. The bigger circles would essentially become a mobius geometry.

Sorry if this all doesnt make any sense. 



Hi Ketsa, it seems you have missed my correction for my initial definition.

I guess you could find the tori/toruses by checking curve lengths for (approximately) Pi * cell size, and replace them with your moebius shapes. Not sure what inserting the scaled ones would mean for the pattern.

Has your goal changed, or are you just also trying out different compositions?
(I searched t.h.b. but most translations seem (very) inappropriate. What did you mean by it?)

Hi Pieter, 

Im so sorry I have no idea where the thb came from I meant to say that I was trying to attach a couple of images to help you understand what I was trying to achieve. 

When I say inserting scaled ones simple meaning that maybe at one end the pattern in smaller and the other the pattern is bigger. 

Im Fairly new to grasshopper as you have probably noticed, trying to teach myself. Would you be able to share a script for what you were saying before? The pi * cell size to replace it by the mobius?

I'm in the process of creating a design so same concept just tinkering and changing it to see the best version I could get. 

It's okay - A typo. I was just wondering what it could be. Here's an example for filtering the tori.







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