algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Would it be possible to have these commands added to GH as they are in Rhino?


Also, drawing a circle from 3 Tangents is a very useful tool that i use quite frequently... I could well be missing an obvious work-around here, apologies if i am!


I'm trying to create this 'kidney-bean' shape in GH using the radius of 2 circles to control the shape with the option of being able to adjust the radius of each circle. I want to link the circles with tangent arcs that have a fixed radius, which adjusts its tangency with any change in radius of either circle:

The TArc command works for a smaller tangent arc, but wont 'flip' to allow a larger arc as shown grayed-out. It becomes a straight tangent line:


Appreciate any tips.





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This came up on here very recently, so I cannot take credit for this solution, but I also can't remember who posted it.

Thanks Danny,


I'll take a look at that...



It is a very tidy solution...


...but only appears to work when both radii are the same...



Some more head-scratching to do in that case...

Hi David,

The previous thread is here:

I slightly updated the definition so that it works when two circles are not alike.


That's great Caglar! That is so simple, its brilliant!



It is a shame that the TArc command can't take a negative value to produce an arc that bulges outward in the way that your definition does. I wonder why that is...?


Thanks again,








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