algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, love what's going on in this video with image based circle packing:

Does anybody have a clue on how it's done or where to find the definition?

Best, Easymatic

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One way uses lloyd's algorithm. Daniel Piker posted an example a while back:

I use a Daniel Piker script

from this discussion

and I add some random sort depending on the Colour Brighness, because the number of point depend on the surface of the circle sorting is done according to the square of the radius (R1/R2)^2. 

You have to enter the number of point needed to fill the space, multiplier could be used to adjust well the filling.

File was too big !


Thanks a lot! Am trying it out. Easymatic

Hi Laurent,

Do you think it would be easy to use ellipses in stead of circles like in the video?

Best! Frank T

I'll post the definition later today after cleaning it up a little...

Beautiful! thanks Daniel! Will it include ellipses?

Here's the definition.

It requires the latest version of Kangaroo. The first time you open it, you will need to set the referenced assembly locations in the scripted component to your own copy of KangarooSolver.dll

For different images you'll probably need to adjust the range of circle sizes and number of circles to get a nice packing.

This is only for circles - ellipses would be possible, but quite a few changes would need to be made.


Hi Daniel,

Would you mind explaining how to use this definition? Is it missing something? (there is no connection after image). Also, I have tried with different images, but it doesn't change the position of the points nor the circle sizes.

Please let me know how it works :)



Bonjour Daniel,

I would try this definition, and I have a problem with the "solver"

Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type 'ImageSizedCircleCollide' to type 'KangarooSolver.IGoal'.

I'm up to date with Kangaroo and the solver, I didn't understand what's append

Thanks in advance!



pick some more manageable circle sizes also hit the reset button!

Thanks for your help, but it's don't work at all.

Did you have any ideas...?






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