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Call for advanced data matching video tutorials


perhaps would there be someone willing to publish an advanced tutorial for data matching? After a couple of weeks with GH I've grown to love it, but creating specific types of tree structures in order to have components interact with one another in desired patterns is still mostly puzzling to me, and I cannot achieve what I want even after hours of trying different ways.

I usually have to resort to splitting up all my data into several individual components, so that I have full control over who does what. You'll be able to tell that this is a waste of time though, or usually even impossible in the first place if you require a variable count of paths depending on sliders you change at the beginning of your definition.

So thank you to whoever might fancy putting up a video tutorial here.

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I think administrators/moderators can see the IP.

I don't think David will want to get involved in this though, and I apologize about feeding the troll by the way.

Trolling? I'm not swearing or saying anything obscene. Firstly I would regard the comments in my previous post as amusing, not petty insults, secondly I am at pains to see where in any of my posts you seem to think i am 'trashing' GH when even David admits certain aspects of what i have commented on needs improvement, and finally, welcome to democratic debate. If you put a product to market and there are areas in need of improvement, such comments identify where the shortfalls are and improve the quality of the product for everybody in the long term. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

Talking about a superiority complex when you seem to want to inflict your will on any valid criticisms I make by blindly ignoring the obvious problems they highlight on the pretence that everything is perfect, and to then take great offence, really reveals the who the true protagonist is in such exchanges. 

Either debate with constructive comments or simply ignore my posts if you're going to spit your dummy out of the pram at anything i say. The fact there's such a passive aggressive tone only serves to fuel the notion of conflict as some sort of self fulling prophesy. 

I make a valid point, in a decent constructive manner, and I expect any response to be of equal merit and tone. 

Don't take me wrong, I like you being there, you are entertaining.

But was your answer for me or for the great GH fanbois conspiracy against you ?

"AnewGHy: "Firstly I would regard the comments in my previous post as amusing, not petty insults,..."

You can't check the ip of user who posted a reply.
Can't even ban a user based on it's ip.

Network Creators
[...] In particular, a Network Creator and the designated administrators of that Network have access to each Member’s IP address, captured at the time of registration, for the purpose of blocking further sign ups from a particular IP address and otherwise preventing abuse on a Network, such as spam and malware. [...]

Perhaps I didn't understand that right, though.

No you got it right. I apologize for not knowing this.

It seems NING does capture the ip addresses of users, but only at the time of registration.
Which means you could register yourself from your office, and then register another account from your home. Then you can post using both accounts, from home or office.

NING will still "see" these two accounts as independent, with different ip addresses, due to initial recording ip identification.

That's the problem.
Board systems like vbulletin, phpBB, smf... record the ip of the user on each post he wrote. Unfortunately NING still does not have this option.

That's wonderful! Thank you.

I just noticed that this discussion has kept going for a time...there's a much more extensive tree sloth out now, lots more functionality:

I can only see the "Milkbox" information when following the link. Where can I get the update itself?

Download this file:







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