algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

was reading a discussion about vetors

and tried rebuilding it in C#.

Using the first Vector it works expected, the second vector shows strange behaviour.

Maybe someone could tell me what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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What output are you expecting here?

A line, like when i plug it in the first vector(berween 1+2 point). As i understand i can get a point from the vector coordinates and create a line like with sdl component.but the line is displaced because the point is created in (0,0,0)instead of (27,0,0)

There's a certain confusion here. 

But never fear, Smith is here.

Get this "entry" level vector thingy (for the long winter nights, Tequila optional)

Moral: long is the path (and hilly)


Get this as well


... wut

I'm confused. Isn't this what you're after?



sorry for confusing everybody and thanks for everybodies effort on this !

I had a look at the EssentialMathematicsForComputationalDesign and realized i will need to feed a Point in for getting the result i want. Think it was quite obviously when i see the native GH components, the vector display also requieres a startpoint, i misunderstood the  principle of vectormath in this point.

Next time i will check this paper before asking stupid questions,hehe.

Aaaand: Hey Peter!Nice to see you, long times past without the lord on the forum!

The Lord lives in the woods these days far and away from computers (hate them) and all related paraphernalia.

PS: I train cats for living (ISO 9000 certified).

See attached as well


Sounds nice, also nice cat, but seems to miss the rebellious attitude mine has:






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