algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Does anyone know of a solution to find the two closest points in between two surfaces / BREP? Something like curve proximity component but for two surfaces...

It can be done with Galapagos, however a solution without would be more streamlined.

Is there a way to do this with a custom component, python or anything like that?


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Looks like an issue with .png format.
Peter posted a .jpg and it has no darkening issues.

True. here's a bright white one (jpg):

I think it's only the ones that are shown in the reply, that's why I replaced the image from my first reply with a link to it (which is correctly tinted).
(I hope someone posting animated png's has nothing to do with it...)

Thanks for the ideas! I used a loop component and two point sets, then averaged the 10 shortest lines.

I'm dealing with 50 - 100 BReps that should follow a free form surface for some custom tool paths.






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