algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Does anyone know of a solution to find the two closest points in between two surfaces / BREP? Something like curve proximity component but for two surfaces...

It can be done with Galapagos, however a solution without would be more streamlined.

Is there a way to do this with a custom component, python or anything like that?


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I was thinking that one the other day. Here's an extra "brute"/naive way (sure David Rutten can think a far better way, but anyway) to do it:

1. See this attached : it finds the closest par within a given collection of random pts.

2. So ... here comes the brutus maximus "method" (I do hope that no pro reads this, he he): we modify this with a few lines of code more i.e. we spread random pts on the breps and then we calculate the closet pair between the 1st List against the 2nd.

Yes I know that's Neanderthal (and utterly naive) but if nobody else doesn't provide a more elegant solution ... I could easily convert that C# for doing the brep-to-brep closest pair thingy.


Here is the same method like Peter's just with breps instead of points.
Basically it replicates the David's solution, posted some year ago on forum.


Indeed it's the same ... but give me some minutes to do this for Lists (BTW: loops reach a threshold quite fast: say 5 to 6, after that: CPU waist time).

more ASAP

Er ... hmm ... ASAP takes a totally different meaning when in my practice: ( Boss I want to divide by zero: is this doable? yes it is, what's next?).

Back to our business: Q for David, Djordje, Martin and Pieter: open script to see the question, he he.


Hi Martin (Hi Peter & Djordje),

I was thinking of using a kangaroo spring (but didn't think too much about possible exceptions~)


You could also bounce a Brep Closest point back and forth a few times, that gives the same effect and has the same limitations; it gets stuck in local optima.

Ah! Indeed:) I was kind of hoping that Martin's breps would be convex. I tried your approach with two banana shapes:
Edit: is it just me, or did that image somehow get too dark?

The end times are nigh...

this comment needs Danny's links to explanations :-)

Okay, so it's not just me.
I figured something like this was coming, I see it everywhere now ...
See you on the other side:)

for a moment i though my screens gamma had reseted. could that be the reason in your case? (system gamma)

Seems to be a bug with Ning. Every image that is uploaded gets mangled somehow. I'll inform them.





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