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Hello everyone,

I am currently generating a structural surface and analyzing it with Karamba. This analysis has given me areas where material can be substracted (white).

So what I need to do is make holes in the white areas of my mesh.

How can this be achieved?

Thank you.

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Check this out.


Hey Hyungsoo, thanks this is pretty much what I was aiming for, but could there be a way of making smooth curves from these color differences and then simply make wholes with those curves? The pointy geometry culling faces causes is not ideal. Thank you.

Hey dude,

Enable "Preview Mesh Edges"(Display-->Preview Mesh Edges(Ctrl+m)) and check the state of the edges of your mesh.

Are you familiar with Mesh?

If you want to make holes regardless of your mesh edge configuration, you'll have to tear apart your mesh arbitrarily regardless of colours of mesh faces.

Of course more subdivision and smoothing of your original mesh before colour analysis would help to get more smoothed edge curves.

Indeed, I understand. But just as a alternative method woudnt it be posible to convert the mesh into NURBS surface and then make then make the holes?

Converting to a "Nurbs polysurface" with a bunch of tri-faces is pretty easy but not in case a single nurbs surface.

Then how about your colour informations? Are you going to just ignore?

Nono, I saw somewhere it was posible to do the "contour lines" of a mesh (ladybug related) so in that sense, convert the mesh to polysurface, but previously create a boundry curve from the color info of the mesh, and then split the polysurface
You could use ISO splitting of mesh
And then extract edges

No use of my script  ?

I also did a multiple iso splitting

Dear Laurant,

I was wondering if you still be able to share the definition. Especially the one with multiple iso splitting, which you post as last. 






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