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Hi, I'm experiencing some problems with bounding box component in GH. I have a patch geometry modeled in Rhino; when it was created, in patch general options, I checked "automatic trim". So far so good.

 In grasshopper, I set the rhino generated geometry as Brep or Geometry. Then, I try to create a bounding box with the BBox component, and grasshopper does create it but considering the untrimmed patch geometry modeled in rhino, and not the trimmed one, wich is in fact the one that appears in the rhino viewport (of course I want the bounding box to bound the trimmed geometry). In the other hand, the divide surface component works perfectly (that means considering only the trimmed patch geometry), so I don't know why the BBox component doesn't.

If anyone could help I'd deeply appreciate it.

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What happens when you use 'shrinktrimmedsurface' in Rhino?
Thanks Luis. I tried using 'shrinktrimmedsurface' in rhino before importing the patch in GH, but it didn't work. The strange thing is that I didn't have this problem in previous versions of GH (0.6.0057 for example)
Yes, I remember...I also remember having the same issue...maybe you can convert that into a mesh and use the mesh's boundingbox? Not the best method, but could be a workaround?
Thanks again Luis; you are right, it might work for now, but it isn't the best solution. Hope David or someone else has a definitive answer or solution for this issue.






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