algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here I share u my Bird Nesting Definition hope u like it XD...

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I think he means on a non closed geometry. Like a single surface

Would anyone please help me to solve this issue?

I have a box that I want to create Bird Nest pattern on it ... but it doesn't work properly ! I want the pattern to be uniformly distributed on the box 

Thank you in advance 


Hi, zey.1329 u can use a "center  box" and perform the operation and scale it  using "scale nu"

Thank you for your reply :)

Sorry I did not understand your solution .... I'm new in grasshopper that's why I don't know these stuff .... I attached my grasshopper definition in my previous post.... Would you please solve it and attach it for me here ? 

I really appreciate it :)

HERE Zey...  :)


is it possible the waeving to be based on diva / sun parameters?

Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

Thanks 4 this! 






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