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Im an industrial design and i'm trying to recreate this Ball nosed milled texture around a product. I've attached an example image below. Any leads on creating such an effect or an example would be super helpful.

Thanks :)

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Hello you could use a bit of the Logic presented here with multiple pattern cut thenm then join them.

Reference of the product

They use Rhino to design the product, see the video !

I looked a bit to the design, it seems best to use some pipes in order to cut BREP.

First you draw the machine paths (curves), on a plane then flow along surface if surface is not flat.

Offset, move the curves away from the surface

The curves are piped with round edges

Cut the BREP

but it didn't work well, it is better use rhino and one by one but I still have failures.



Thank you Laurent!

We can use your curves as a toolpath in CAM software. :)

I did a lot of toolpath simulation to evaluate different shapes of mill bits. I suggest using a loop to cut the breps one by one instead of all pipes at once.






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