algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I want to bake a surface that is change in realtime; the baking occurs every 15sec. Secondly, I want to place each baked surface into a different layers.

Do I have to write a script for all the criteria to be achieved or is there another way?

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Take a look at Giulio's Bake Attributes.  You will need to combine it maybe with a timer and a small script that increments a value by 1 each time the timer fires so you can set up a layer name for each bake such as:






Thanks for the suggestion of Giulio's Bake Attribute. As regard to the script, I have yet to learn how to script; can you point me to site that will help me with a script?

Check giulios website, I think the most recent bake attributes component download link is actually an example file that includes a little scripted counter and boolean toggle.

Try this one out for size.

There is a toggle switch that activates the baking.  I just set up some basic thing to be baked and colored...


Thank you very much.

The definition's elegant is in its simplicity. I will post the end result when I am completed.

Thanks again

One question, how does the script changes if the object is changing in real time? As the object changes, I want to capture or bake every 15 seconds.

Chan, you can change the timer should already be at 15 seconds.  All that the script does is increment a number mostly so that you can have different layer names.  If you are recording, then the number will increment, if you are not recording the number will go back to 0.  The object changing in 'real time' is up to you to define. 

What will you be changing in real time?  What are the parameters for changing it?  There are some discussions around the forum about animation of multiple parameters.  You can check out the discussion:

I reviewed the nesting sliders link and I don't know if it applies because there is no slider involve. I will try to explain everything now because I got it to somewhat work.

I am using VVVV to live feed a string into grasshopper. The string is split and it transforms a surface grid, which causes the surface to change in accordance to the feed. So I want to document the changes in the surface at different period of time (or in an increment).

I hope that makes any sense. I know that I might not giving you a good description, it is partly because I trying to fully understand it myself.

Ok, how are you getting the data from VVVV?  Is this causing issues when you are attempting to bake at a timed interval?

I just tried the above attached definition with some data from Processing coming into GH via gHowl's UDP/OSC receiver and was able to continuously receive data whiles only baking every 15 seconds.

What issues are you having with this process?

Well, I am using gHowl UDP and I don't think I have a problem with the data flow. I don't think this is causing the baking issue because when I do it manually it works okay (giving me one surface at an interval), but I want to set something up automatically. I want one surface per interval. If possible, I would like to work with grasshopper.

I think I am have problem setting it up in grasshopper, but I could be wrong.


What am I doing wrong?







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