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I am trying to rotate rectangles on a random set of points in the Z-axis by using Rotate3D. 

I am not able to understand that what should I input for the 'X-Axis of Rotation' to rotate the rectangles in the Z-Axis. Currently they are rotating only in the X&Y Axis.

Please Help!


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It's not "X-Axis of Rotation", it's simply a vector input to indentify the axis of rotation you want to use. You can input X vector (1,0,0) or Y vector (0,1,0) or Z vector (0,0,1) or any vector to indicate the axis you want it to rotate around.

For example if you input a Z vector (which is the default) it rotates like a playing vinyl disc. If you input an X vector it does backflips. If you input a Y vector it will do barrel rolls.

Also note that the angle is in radians.

plane xz or plane yz.

It sounds like you probably want the normal vector to your surface, which you can get from the N output of the evalSurf component

thanks a lot guys. Guess it was a pretty simple way out. 

Works perfect!

So how can we manage to change a rotation axis in Rotate Axis Component to do a building that have floors are rotated on its own axis-z with as less operations as we can. 

Because in the default value of x, the floors are rotated in the x-axis not in z-axis. I just want to find a simple way to do that without drawing a line on the xz plane and define the default axis line.






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