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Hi guys,  I´m wondering if is possible to automate the result of the output data tree. for example as a group. I mean if is possible after I match the output of data tree we get the next step design process automatically connected to the output of data branches, once it could be interesting when we work with a lot of branches and we  exploring diferent shapes, in similar groups, but with different approaches, for example as this simple case, each face with different subdivions. I mean when i increase or reduce the number os faces the match result of exploded tree connects automatically with the subdivision groups for each face.

Thanks in Advance

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a quick way would be something like this, not sure thou if it's what you mean. not sure i understood you.




Thank you Tudor for your attention. 

It's not what I expected. I'm looking for a solution in which generate automatically a next design  process [ maybe group] at the same time they match the  number of output branches.

Filipe Reis.

Not sure about this but Heteroptera plug-in has "GenePool Controller".


Thank you Hyungsoo for your reply.

Maybe i made some confusion using Sdivide here for this sample. Sdivide it´s my goal, What i trying to undestand if it´s possible to when we explode the tree  matching the output, if there is some way to create some kind of appendix.[ automatically connected to each output branche- in a way to avoid the repetition connecting process.] I mean a group of design process [ created previously] in wich are connected directly as the same time we match the output in each different branches. 

Filipe Reis.

I mean, Sdivide it´s not my goal ! :)





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