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Hi Guys,

First, I am totally new to parametric modelling and grasshopper. But I have to solve a Problem for my employer :)

We have this thing which is like the tama art library by toyo ito. So we have several curves which are intersecting and between two points, there is a arc, and also between the next two and so on.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thanks in advance


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Can you be a bit more specific? Perhaps upload the curves or a sketch of what you're after? When I google the building you mention, those curves don't seem to be circular arcs, they are some other kind of curve. But what curve do you need?

thanks for replying. Well the building just frames the issue. It Doesnt have to be the exakt same curve. I think you would get closest with nurbs, maybe cubic?

at the bottom of the site, youll have some pictos of what i mean. the intersections of the splines on the floor are the start of the arc.

Is it not catenary curves ? There is a component for that in Grasshopper in Curves Spline

I dont think so, i tried catenary. Its not about the curve, its about the whole thing, Could also be squares as arcs.

I saw this discussion

and tested rectangle with rounded at the maximum and it seems to be a very good approximation.

3 controls points on top, weight of 0.707 (sqrt2)/2, 1, 0.707.  

Hello it was a cool exercice. Here are some views.


the errors are when I cut curved walls with a sort formwork. As walls are curved the thickness of formwork must be enough thick, but it could cut other walls. 

WOW! impressive. I never could have nearly achived this. You guys are absolutely awesome! 

would you mind to provide your grasshopper file? :)

Yes it is a bottle of wine :-)

An try to begin work with Grasshopper, because I am sure you will have to change the definition. It is always not perfect the needs of others. To understand a definition follow the flow and use green tube icon "only preview selected geometry" you will understand the operations. I tried to show the differents part of the script.

Here is a version with 2 floors and size of library choose to play with cursors with "no walls" it is fastest. When you are happy put "walls".



Awesome! Thank you very much! Ill try to understand it






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