algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I wanna render objects on vray with their default color but I cant manage to do this. I have tried so much with no luck and I dont know who to ask.
Please could anyone guide me!!!

I have som images of reference....I saw marc forners do this in a I know it's possible
anyone know how to this in vray for rhino???

Thanks so much

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for the first image you can stamp the view from rhino,
the second you can bake the object and render with vray,

if you want to bake the object colours from gh you can use Giulio Piacentino component, you can download by his site:

Oh you didnt understand the problem!
What I want is to render the colors in vray. the first image is a render with vray but for some reason it renders all white and no color. the second image it's the geometry made in grasshopper and baked with there colors.
the problems is that I cant manage to render those colors in vray
you need to transform rhino material to vray material,
have you try to search for a material converter?
Francisco, in rhino there are display colors and render colors... you need to make sure you bake a material onto the object. Mode Lab tools for baking with material will do the trick.






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