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Has anyone tried before to render animations and save each frame with new Vray components and Anemone?

Is that even possible?


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I used gray and it worked.
I surely can find the script I used.

Thank you Laurent for the reply, you must be the best person to answer this question. But would it be possible to combine Gray with your previous script (attached)? So to have an animation rendered with a new texture at each new frame?

Previous discussion:


See an example, mesh changes with each frame so texture would have to follow

You have too use Gray and the script from Vicente.

Put the good adress for your bitmap image/texture named here texture5.png

For Gray animation there is by default 3 s duration with 12 frame per second so 36 renders. 

The Gray animation controller output a norm which is the time normalized, I used it to move point on Z axis, so to move up the color. 

You will have to plug the texure adress to a Gray Bitmap that is pluged to Gray Diffuse then to Gray material ...

Et voilà !

Not so hard 

Thank you, no, now its not hard at all :)
Is you are using rhino 6 beta default render preview can display grasshopper preview in global illumination.

it is faster than vray stuff and straight forward
What really? That's amazing, can you post an image screenshot by any chance?

BTW, Laurent your GH version of entagma project is amazing, thanks for sharing. I was thinking it'll be cool to do the color cinemetrics experiment in GH:

Hi Amir

Thanks for your words. I didn't publish the script, but if you need it I can without any problem. 

I did this one


Do you know why the texture exported from Laurent's script may be incompatible with some programs? After sending the model for 3d printing as an obj with mtl pointing to this .png texture file it came up all wrong. Software they used wasn't Magics though (below), but some 32-bit. 

What format might work actually?






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