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Hello All,


This is my first posting, I hope you all enjoy it.  A friend of mine encouraged me to post this definition.


This definition allows you to animate the motion of the camera while you animate your grasshopper definitions.  It takes two inputs:

1.  A curve which the camera moves along.

2.  A curve which the the target of the camera moves along.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.


Enjoy, thanks!

Hiroshi Jacobs

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Cool, thanks! I like the GraphMapper speed control.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

very cool!
Well great glad you liked it!
Nicely done! Thanks!

i get a I/O error with the latest version of grasshopper - any tips?

Try Horster instead.  It may be more up to date.

Nice. thanks for sharing! very useful

I cannot seem to find the camera button, I feel like an idiot could someone give me a tip ...

Kind Regards


What do you mean by camera button?

does button mean button or component.

Also Hiroshi has now developed a GHA plug-in called Chameleon

Which has a component in that sounds similar to this

The Animate Camera component allows the user to animate the active viewport along a path, while the camera target moves along a different path.

Perfect timing!  A class of Tulane students will benefit greatly from your acumen.

Have them download Chameleon instead. I added the animate camera functions to it in the latest release.

Hiroshi, This is a brilliant routine.

Many thanks for sharing!






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