algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi guys ... i m new to this term.. can anyone tell me what is the difference between algorithmic and parametric architecture.

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The problem with that definition is that it includes pretty much all digital models. Try drawing a rectangle without numbers in CAD, can't be done. The point where a parametric approach becomes useful, is when you can choose /which/ numbers should define the rectangle (width+height, centre+span, opposite corners, ...) and afterwards have the ability to change those numbers and have those changes percolate.

Maybe I lost it in the response of someone, but apart from theoretical definitions, I think the fundamental difference is that in parametric design you work with tools, while in algorithmic design you create your own tools. That is, instead of your edit the result, you edit the process.

Not a good definition either I'm afraid. Unless you're programming directly onto a disc with a magnetic needle and a steady hand you're always using tools. Also, it complicates the discussion as now it's not just a matter of classifying the methodology, but of who was involved in every step of it.

Let's try to make a better definition:

Parametric design is where you focus on what parameters you use as a starting point and let an algorithm percolate the variations in parameters down to the final design.

Algorithmic design is where you have a given set or range of parameters and modify the algorithm that creates the final design.

Generative design is where you use an algorithm to determine the parameters that are used to generate the final design.

Whatever your workflow, you always start with a set of parameters, use an algorithm to "bake" those into the final design and then you evaluate the design and change either the parameters or the baking process.

Each part may or may not be automated or variable. Each part may or may not be manual work. Each tool may or may not be program. Whatever your main driving aspect for the final design, you call it manual, parametric, algorithmic, generative or whatever fancy, high-tech name you like.

Of course David, I did not try make a definition, just answer the question of Manu. Does the fundamental difference between the two concepts in architecture is not the methodology?
As much as one has an adequate definition, I think it will be too technical for a novice can really understand. So if we try to simplify, I think the paradigmatic difference is that with parametric design you create a design based on parameters, whereas with the algorithmic design you create the mode in which the design is generated. Is not it so?

Yes that's a lot better. Parametric design is where you describe the end result from a set of starting values, whereas in Algorithmic design the end result is computed from a set of input values.

hy manu - you didn't expect so much answers right?!

looks like you have touched a nerve of the nerds here :)

so my nerdy note would be:

algorithmic, parametric, generative, computational or howeveryouwannacallit design - for me - its a obligate symbiotic relationships with the medium you use (could be a computer), meaning that both symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival.

Parameters are values or data and Algorithms are smart procedural way of solving problems.This should do .






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