algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all

very simply i am trying to braiding mesh data into a woven shape.

I'm using Mesh + components now, but it makes knits that are finer than the original mesh

Do you know how to make knitting while keeping the size of the original mesh?

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I think it is done in Mesh+ like that, because it suppresses the problem of nodes/vertex which have 3, 5 ... face. It is trivial with nodes with 4 points because you can put UV coordinates quite simply. Here you have to choose your knitting style. 

You could patch your own "knit meshes" on this mesh using something like that

You will have to implement how to place your tiles in order to connect all of them. 

There was some intersting example fro Nik Willmore, search for Celtic bunny grasshopper. But they were for triangles and most of Nik photos and script were erased. 


Thanks for your advice. I will also refer you to your script.
The purpose can be achieved even by using IVY.

I am trying now to make it a bit more proper knitting.


Like the scripts NIK was very good at forumlating! ... so sad :-(






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