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So Grasshopper 2 is going to be an integral part of Rhinoceros 6. Does this mean GH2 will be launched at the same time Rhino 6 is?

My understanding is GH2 will work the same way on Windows and Mac OS, is this correct? Will there be two separate software developed at the same stage or is there one code that somehow gets ported on another operating system? 

Is there an estimated period for the release(es)?


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Rhino 6 will ship with GH1.

No time estimate for release of Rhino 6 or GH2.

I believe what has been developed this far in GH2 uses ETO cross platform ui, so GH2 should be able to be developed from a single code base.

This is only my limited understanding.  David should probably have more accurate answers if something needs clarification or correction.

thank you! Do You know if GH2 will work on Rhino 5 as well?

GH2 will not work on Rhino5. In fact it will only work with whatever version of Rhino is being sold at the time of release.

As for the older question, Luis is correct. GH2 is a single project that works on Windows and Mac at the same time. We don't have to port anything, we shouldn't even have to build two different versions of the same dlls.

Hi, David, thanks for answering!  If this is the case, why does the win wip version have a lot more functions than its mac counterpart?

Also, will the plugins for GH2 also work on both platforms or can some windows-specific ones occur?

Because, Win WIP ships with GH1. GH2 will not be release with the first version of RH6, it will be released (as far as I could understand) when it is finished. So GH2 and RH6 are, let's say, different projects. 

Am I wrong David?

Luis is correct, Grasshopper 2.0 is not ready and nobody except me and whoever else in McNeel decides to build the project has access to it.

It is entirely possible to create a plug-in for GH2 what will work only on Windows or only on Mac. If you use assemblies that are not available on the other platform, or that somehow conflict with one type of Rhino but not the other then it will be platform specific. However if you don't do anything weird and use only Eto for any UI stuff the plugin ought to work on both OSs.

Incidentally the same is true for Rhino plugins, stick to RhinoCommon and Eto and your plugin will be cross platform.






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