algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Wouldn't it be cool to use a 3D mouse to pan and zoom in the grasshopper workspace ?
(3D connexion, Astroid, and the like)


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I concur ........ but give the man a chance ;-)
I am not sure if that would really help considering the GH interface is a 2d workspace, unlike a 3d Rhino viewport. Also, GH has tonnes of more important functionality to be built in which are perhaps more 'mission critical' (remote control panel, clusters, data tree stability, a public SDK, and perhaps at some point in time Recursion) which would add some real capabilities to GH that are not possible at the moment. The 'jazzier' bits I think are certainly important as user experience, but what good is a software with a really jazzy interface, but very limited functionality...
A 3D mouse is very efficient in 2D also because it can fluently pan and zoom at the same time.
Given the extent of large definition, I think that this wish is legitimate.
Now regarding your arguing that this wish is less important than other stuff, well... what can I say ?
I think any wish has it's place here.
David is a big boy now, and he certainly doesn't need your help to choose which ones to implement, and how high in the priority list they should be.

I use 3dconnexion device to move around my word document and it really is good even for
this 2d application
i second that wish (admitting it is not top priority). once you got used to two-handed navigation/editing with mouse and spacemouse you start to miss it soon.
beside the funtionality of fluent 3d-naviagtion there are a couple of tricks you can do only with this two-input-device setup: e.g. in rhino you can start dragging a selection frame and while dragging, navigate your content to fit inside that frame. saves a lot of: frame seletion, oh: wrong starting point for frame, abord/start all over.
IMO this wish is not about some fancy zooming but an aditition to ease of use.


Any hopes to get 3D-mouse panning and zooming in Grasshopper V2 ?

Maybe, if it's not difficult then I'll probably get it done.

HE he... if it's not difficult, you won't be interested by lack of challenge, and it won't get done ;)

With Grasshopper embedded in Rhino 6, will the 3D mouse know when the focus is on Rhino and when it is on GH ?

It sure would help panning and zooming in those large definitions.


Yes that's one problem, though only one window can have focus at any one time, so it should technically be possible to make a clear distinction between when Rhino and when GH should be panned.

I still find that Navigate works really well for large files though, just a shame it's two clicks away from regular navigation.

The "navigate tool" is slick looking, but it forces to associate the zoomed-out map and the real thing in my tiny brain.

I like to focus on the "real thing", and now that I have changed the end color of the selected component's wires to purple instead of grey, I do a lot of "wire following".

And that would be greatly enhanced by 3D mouse : simultaneously zoom out and pan, and then dive like mad on my prey/component. 

I concur ........ but give the man a ...... 6 Years wow! 

yes, hair getting grey here  lol






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